Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sometimes I sit down to ruminate over trends in internet marketing with a view to finding out what existing market strategies still work and what no longer work; of things that make prospects want to buy from a particular marketer and not from the other. Could it be the powerful sales letter? Yes, well-couched sales letters play a major role in converting visitors into buyers, alright. What other things compel prospects to buy; what about the incessant, unsolicited e-mail campaigns put on autopilot? Yes, they have a tremendous effect also. ‘What other things’, I would continue to ask myself? Well, the perceived benefit of the product to the buyer is another factor. And so on, one can continue to ponder.

Despite the successes of all the above mentioned, time-tested marketing strategies, I have observed gaps that need to be filled by internet marketers for an all-round success to be achieved in this endeavour in modern times. I have noticed that most internet marketers are too selfish and so absorbed in their quest to maximize sales that they care less about their customers’ progress. The moment a prospect buys a product from a marketer, he or she is besieged with more and more offers from the same marketer without the marketer asking to know how far the buyer had benefited from the previous product. The unfortunate customer is endlessly beggared by series of offers of one wonderful product or another that are also described as capable of transforming them into millionaires. The question is, if the first product was so good to make the customer a millionaire in the shortest possible time, why would the buyer not be given time to test out that product and possibly maximize the benefit of the product bought, before being thrust with more and more offers, thereby throwing him or her into confusion with many offers almost at the same time?

Another problem of marketers is their tendencies to be out of personal touch with their customers, probably because of the large e-mail list they control. As such, because their e-mail campaigns are most often run on autopilot, the prospective buyers who need some clarifications and who want to have direct communication with the marketers on certain issues are denied the opportunity because they cannot reach the marketer. I have an ardent marketer whose mails constitute more than 60 per cent of all the mails in my e-mail box. This marketer churns out different types of seemingly wonderful products by the hour, yet I have not been able to subscribe to any of her offers because my attempts, times without number, to get clarifications on certain issues had failed. My suggestion here is that marketers should, as much as possible, also have direct e-mail boxes and chat rooms where they can personally communicate with their customers as well as prospective customers. Buyers like to communicate with real persons (the marketer him or herself), who can address their specific questions, rather than some dummy, robotic chat machines fed with ready made frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Far above all the traditional sales methods adopted by internet gurus to increase sales over the years, is a beautiful and simple strategy which will definitely make marketers’ sales to soar even higher in the coming year and always. Beyond the strategies enumerated in paragraph one, I have come to think that the most effective inducement to buying again and again from a particular marketer over and above others, are the marketer’s FREE GIFTS offers to the prospects. I do not mean bonuses that go with buying of products. I mean outright free, beneficial gifts given by the marketer, without asking for patronage in return. They may be e-books or videos of valuable information products sent to the prospects’ e-mail boxes that can be freely downloaded in form of pdf or the likes. Alternatively, they may be other gift items bought and presented as souvenirs in appreciation of their patronage the previous year. By such free will offers, the marketer has really put out a kind of irresistible bait that would in the long run, translate into some handsome purchases, the end profits of which would eventually outweigh the cost of such free gifts. A beneficiary of such a gift would be eternally grateful to the giver and would always want to buy from him or her.

As Christmas and New Year celebrations draw near, it is time to give back to those who have been part of our successes. I mean, it is time to give some form of GIFT ITEMS to people on our Mailing Lists, particularly those customers who have been buying from us. By so doing, we would be creating a lasting bond of customer relation and patronage that would be hard to break.

Marketers, above anyone else, must learn to build and maintain, what is generally referred to as ‘public relations’. It is good business strategy to reach out to those whose contributions have kept our businesses going. It is part of our social responsibility. All you have to do is to go to the FINE GIFT SHOP at http://finegift.blogspot.com and pick some gift items for your valued customers. You will also find valuable products suitable for gifts on this blog, http://productmart.blogspot.com. Please let us have your comments/reactions on the issues discussed..

Merry Christmas and Enjoy Happy Prosperous New Year!

Sylvester D. Oti

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Electronics, particularly, audio systems have, over the years, gone through processes of development and improvement with manufacturers trying to give their consumers, the best sound that music can afford.

I used to think that the Record Changer with an in-built amplifier and two speakers was the ultimate until the advent of the Sound System, comprising a turntable, a separate amplifier and two speakers. You might wish to add a separate equalizer to further synthesize and give the production of your sound system, a sharp twitter effect.

The emergence of the Cassette Player and thereafter, the Compact Disc Player, gave the music world a touch of distinction and made system operation and listening to music a delight. The booming effect of the powerful speakers of the CD player could rock the foundations of any building. Then came the Home Theatre System which is currently making waves among home audio systems. While the world is yet celebrating the home theatre, electronic giants recently introduced to the market, the Wireless Home Executive Kit.

The Cisco Linksys Wireless Home Audio Executive Kit is one audio electronic system, the crave for which an ardent music lover hardly can resist. It consists of one Director, a pair of wireless stereo Speakers and one IR Remote. The director has a 50-watt integrated amplifier which enables it send rich, synthesized, powerful musical sound to its speakers.

You no longer have to mess around with cables in a bid to connect your audio electronic system director to the speakers. It is wireless. The uniqueness of this wireless kit is that room partitions are no more barriers. It does not matter where you want to situate the speakers. The Linksys DMC250 director effectively delivers quality sound to its wireless stereo speakers from any location in the house. Thus, the Linksys director could be in the sitting room and the speakers placed in different locations in your house – the bedroom, the reading room, kitchen, balcony, the lobby or by the swimming pool, etc. You need not task your brain anymore to figure out how you can pass cables around the house to different speakers either by bearing holes through the walls or knocking down wall partitions. That era was for the stone age. The Cisco Wireless Home Audio Kit has simplified matters by making it possible for you to play and control music in every room in your house through a device known as Wireless-N router. You can send different music to different rooms or the same music in all the rooms.

The Cisco director accesses the digital music libraries on your computer, network hard drive or the internet. Or you can connect it to your existing audio analog systems such as turntables, cassette decks, stereo surround sound systems or home theatre receiver and still produce the same quality sound output. I recommend it to anybody who is seeking to buy the latest model in quality audio electronic gadget.

In the electronic world, you may be looking to buy home theatre systems, multiroom music systems, turntables, CD players and recorders. Or perhaps you may prefer plasma TV sets, HDTVs, flat panel LCD, musical equipment set. Whatever your taste, they will be satisfied.

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Sylvester D. Oti

Monday, September 21, 2009


My previous post, which was the first review article on this product, hardly captured 50 per cent of the functionalities of a Kindle.

The text-to-speech feature in a Kindle, not only reads books, newspapers, blogs aloud to you, you can choose to hear a male or female voice, whichever appeals to you or depending on the book in question. For instance, listening to a female voice from a novel written by a female author makes the story lively and real. You almost feel like you are hearing the author herself and vice versa. Thus, you can switch the device on hands free and be driving your car while it reads your favourite book, turning the pages automatically as the contents are being read to you. You can also choose to speed up or slow down the pace of reading according to your preferences.

The kindle’s web browser enables you to read simple text-centred websites and extract vital information. You can transfer MP3 files to your Kindle to play as a background music while you read.

Just as a Kindle affords you the convenience of carrying your entire library about in a compact wireless device, so it also contains the New Oxford American Dictionary of over 250,000 words and definitions. Dictionary is installed in a Kindle because it is usual for a reader to look up the meanings of words which are not clear to him/her. A reader can therefore look up the meaning of a word without interrupting his/her reading. All you need do is move the cursor to the word in question and its meaning automatically displays at the bottom of the page in the same manner computer pop-up shows up. When the reader removes the cursor from the word, the pop-up disappears and he/she resumes reading without interrupting the flow of his/her reading. Isn’t that fascinating?

The device is made in such a way that it never gets warm, so one can comfortably read as long as one likes. The battery life is such that it can, after being charged for four hours, endure for four days, wireless on. If the wireless is turned off after each reading session, the battery can last for two weeks before recharge.

For font size, you can adjust the font size either to increase or decrease at your convenience, thus making reading a pleasurable exercise. In the same vein, the Kindle’s high resolution screen makes images sharper. You can zoom images and photos to display to the full size of the screen.

As discussed in my last posting, the Kindle Store offers more than 300,000 books and more are being added. The beauty of this is that you can search from the Kindle Store wirelessly, buy and start reading your books right on your Kindle within 60 seconds. You are even allowed to download and sample-read the books before you buy.

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Sylvester D. Oti

Friday, August 28, 2009


Is there anything science and technology has not done for mankind?  The invention of Kindle is one of the many good things that have happened in modern times.

I would say that Kindle is a technology of the 22nd Century.  Sleek and slim, Kindle is a six inch wireless reading device with thickness of 1/3 of an inch, about the equivalence of the size of most magazines.  It weighs 10.2 ounces, even lighter than a typical paper back.  Therefore it is convenient to carry about or hold while reading, even with one hand.  The page turn buttons are conveniently located on both sides for easy page turn.

A Kindle holds over 1,500 books, so you need not worry which of your books to take along with you as you go out or travel out of town since you have all of them with you and can access and read any of your favourite titles (books or magazines) in that little piece of electronic gadget.  It is a mobile library indeed.

 Some fascinating features of a Kindle are its electronic ink display which, unlike text from a computer monitor screen, removes the glare associated with other electronic displays, thereby making texts appear like printed texts from physical books or magazines.  Just with the push of a button, you can increase or reduce the size of the text of your favourite book or magazine.  It has six adjustable different font sizes.  The text to speech feature in the Kindle enables the gadget to read every book, newspaper, magazine or blog to you loud, unless such a book has been disabled by the author, and you can alternate between reading and listening at your own convenience.  This is good for those of us who do not like reading too hard or long.  The Amazon Kindle Store has about 300,000 books, magazines, newspapers or periodicals from which you can shop and download any books of your choice right into your Kindle and start reading in 60 seconds.

Kindle is one of the hottest items on demand today. You can view this and other products as you get connected to the Amazon Kindle marketplace using the banner link above to gain access. Or better still you can view this and other products on Amazon Store using this link http://astore.amazon.com/prodmarket-20

Sylvester D. Oti